Attendees:Sloan,Peebles,Maddux,Lockhart,Sylvester,Theford,Moss,Gaddis,Gressett,Jones,Brooks,Davenport,Thompson,,Gladys Davenport,Reed

Grace by Reverend Thompson meal.


Opening Prayer

Roll Call-!st Commander Peebles


Minutes of February  2018 meeting read by 2nd Vice Lockhart Motion to accept by Peebles,seconded by Thompson. Motion carried.

Treasurer Report read by Sylvester $9,665.29 in treasury. Motion by Maddux and seconded by Peebles to accept. Motion carried.

PICNIC- May 12 at Bonita Sloan will order chicken from Cashsavers-40 pieces At next meeting will assign sides ,games,prizes condiments.


Voting rights on spending treasury funds. Motion by Maddux and seconded by Brooks. If a member does not  participate in raising funds they will be assessed. If they still do not contribute then they cannot participae in functions like Christmas Dinner, trips,



Sending Get Well card to Lester Hopkins-please sign

Webpage update by Sloan

Peebles and Sloan will report on possible trip to Jackson new museums of history at next meeting

Yard Sale will take place in September-place to be determined.

Proposed by Sloan Post donate $100.00 to Lauderdale PPI committee to support sloagan conest for Lauderdale schools. Post name will be on T shirts as a Sponsor. Motion carried.

For information to see if you are in a Flood Zone call:Cathy Lummus, Laudrdle county permit office at 601 484 3992



Next meeting  12th.








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