Post 257 October 2021 meeting notes

American Legion Post 257 October 2021 Meeting Notes

Attendees: Annie Lockhart-Treasurer, Ray McNeal -Vice Commander, David Sloan-Adjutant, Oliver Peebles-Commander, Mr. Maddux, Mr. Gressett, Mr. Gaddis.

Commander Peebles opened the meeting at 6:07 pm. Vice Commander McNeal led the opening prayer. The Post then recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

OLD BUSINESS: Adjutant Sloan shared the list that the State Adjutant sent to him of people who have paid from our Post-the list numbered 56 paid members of our Post.

The September meeting notes were read by Mr. Sloan-R.McNeal motioned the notes be approved, 2nd by Mr. Maddux. The motion passed.

Treasurer Report- Treasurer Lockhart- relayed that the our bank account has $9,373.20. There are no outstanding checks t this time. Motion by McNeal to accept, 2nd by Maddox. Motion passed.

NEW BUSINESS: Discussion on new meeting place. It was agreed our next meeting will be at the Velma Young community Center at 2400 16th ave on November at 6pm. We will meet on the 18th because the 2nd Thursday is on Veterans Day.

It was moved by Mr. Sloan and 2nd by Lockhart- to donate $100 to Prosect Presbyterian church for letting us use their facilty  to meet. The motion passed.

Veterans Day- It was moved and 2nd that we will submit a vehicle to the parade.

There will be a ceremony at the Dough boy monument at 10:30 am, a free lunch at VFW Post 79 at noon and parade at 3pm.

It was moved by Mr. Gressett and 2nd by Mr. Maddux that we have a Christmas party. Motion passed. Mr. Gressett volunteered to check out locations.

It was moved and 2nd to reimbursed Mr. Sloan for the American flag the Post donated to Magnolia Middle school for $49, and the stamps-$23.20.

Mr. Maddux moved that we adjourn, it was 2nd by Mr. Gressett. Motion passed.

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