pOST 257 April 2022 meeting notes

Attendees: Rayford Wright, Euarl, Charlie Brooks,Leatrice Moss , Oliver Peeples, David Sloan

Opening prayer by Rayford Wright.\

Pledge of Allegiance led by Oliver Peebles

Roll cal

Sick call-no one identified. Recognized Daryl Jones passed last month.

Old business

Dues: Oliver PeeblesIII, Oliver PeeblesIV,Billy Thomas, Rayford Wright,Euarl Moss, Charlie Brooks

Minutes read by David Sloan- moved by Wright and 2nd by Brooks motion passed.

Treasurer report-$9055.92 read by Sloan report accepted.

The Post had a Habitat for Humanity Yard Sale

New Business

Spring Picnic put on hold until next meeting.

Memorial Day is May 231 Tuesday at the courthouse

Booster shots available at Winn Dixie-need medicre and shot cards

Ms Power is giving insulation for free call 606 606 6001 ask for Mr Ishee- need name, your account #, must live in Meridian, must be residence. No cost

Veteran Assistance Committee- 601 9387523 helping vets with up to $500 assistance Patrick Kirby

Rayford Wright will retrieve our American Flag.Need to check with Treasurer to see if we donated to Boy State.

Discussion on getting members to come to meetings. , no plan.

Brainstorming fund raser ideas agai:Hamburgers and hot dog sales, BBQ, Fish sandwiches,,power tools. raffle.

Peebles and Charlie Books say they will prepare the meeting room for future meetings.

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