May 2022 American Legion Post 257 meeting

May 14, 2022 Minutes Post 257


Oliver Peebles5:24 PM (1 hour ago)
to me, Oliver

Commander Oliver Peebles III called the meeting to order at 6 pm on May 14, 2022 at the Velma Young Community 

Center.  Since the Chaplin wasn’t present the Commander lead the member in an opening prayer.

All members stood and were lead in the pledge of allegiance.  The Commander then acknowledged and explained the POV and MIA flag and the seat of honor in which it was draped.  

Roll call was made and present were, Charlie Brooks, George Brooks, ML Jemerson, Annie Lockhart, Thomas Maddaux, George Peebles, Oliver Peebles III, Robert Watson, Rayford Wright and Wiliam Wright. 

The Adjutant David Sloan was not able to make the meeting but emailed the minutes from the previous meeting, and the Commander read the minutes that were sent it, and afterward George Peebles made the motion that the minutes be accepted as read, and Robert Watson second the motion, and the motion was carried by the members.

Annie Lockhart read the treasure report, including the balance of $9,305.92 in the account, and that in this meeting George Peebles and Robert Waston each paid their dues of $40 each. Rayford Wright made the motion that the report to approved as presented, George Brooks seconded it, and the members approved the motion.

Old Business

In the previous meeting the members agreed that we should start planning our annual picnic.   The floor was open for discussion on this subject.  Thomas Maddaux made the motion that we plan on having the event on Saturday July 16, 2022 at Bonita Lakes, William Wright seconded the motion and the members approved it.  The members discussed Highland Park as being a backup location, but Robert Watson recommended that we try to secure Bonita Lakes even if we have the change the date, and the all members agreed.  The Commander agreed to make the reservation for July 16, 2022 and if that date is not available be given the authority to select another Saturday if necessary, which was approved by the members.

The floor was opened for Brain storming ideas for menu items and cooks:  Charlie Brooks agreed to be the cook for all meats that were not catered, and Thomas Maddaux to supply utensils and paper items.  Menu items that were recommended and approved, ribs, chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers, chips, water, soft drinks, salad, cakes and cookies, with bread and buns.  

New Business

Rayford Wright made the motion that we order uniformed shirts and caps for members and that the Post provide 50% of the cost and members pay 50%.  ML Jemerson second the motion and the motion carried.  Rayford agreed to bring the sales rep to our next meeting the made a presentation of the company wares and price listing for members consideration.

The commander thanked all the members for braving the stormy weather to attend the meeting, and emphasized the fact that the Post has started back week regularly as before the pandemic, which is the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6PM and this new location, Velma Young Community Center,2400 16th Ave, Meridian, MS, which is a new facilities with good parking and security lighting and plenty of space, and encourage all present to invite other members and potential members.

George Peebles made the motion to adjourn, and it was seconded by Annie Lockhart, motion carried. 

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