Notes from July 14th meeting of Post 257

Attendees: G.Brooks, A.Lockhart, T.Maddux, R.Wright, D.Sloan,R,Smith, C.Brooks,O.Peebles,M.Jemmerson,

Vice Commander Wright led the meeting in prayer. Commander Peebles led the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Sick call: Euarl Moss, Gladys Davenport, Peebles said McNeal has contracted Covid. Moment of silence for Legionaire Nelson.

Roll cal

Dues- national HQ having problem with issuing cards wants us to collect dues, keep records and give receipts until cards arrive.

Old Business: Adjutant Sloan read minutes from June meeting. Wright motioned to approve 2nd by Jemmerson. Motion carried.

Treasurer report-$8952.92

Vice Commander Wright went over cost of cap and shirt-almost $100.00. Sloan made a motion that is too much and to not deal with them anymore Motion was 2nd and motion carried.Sloan will assist Wright in search for other vendors. Mr. Wright was told Not to make up another shirt.

PICNIC-set up at 10:30 Condiments Oliver Peebles,Tomatoes, onions, cheese-G.Brooks,

Motion to reimburse Charlie Brooks $227 for food last year and this year. Motion passed.

Sloan asked where is Our American flag? Peebles said he might have it.

Sloan said he iexperiencing health problems and needs a backup person.

Maddux made motion to adjourn, 2nd my G.Brooks.

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