2022 new officer installation committee meeting notes

David Sloan <davsloan123@gmail.com>Mon, Sep 19, 7:40 PM (6 days ago)
to rwright, lockhartannie, Tom, TrotterT100, g_peebles, Oliver

Area Commander is one step below State Commander we want to be as professional as possible.

Lately meetings have not been American Legion style,probably due to Pandemic.

Ask Area Commander to to perform short form installation-D.Sloan

Reserve larger room- D.Sloan

Communications to get as many members to installation meeting as possible-R.Wright-Commander Elect

Type of food- Due to Pandemic still around-!st Vice Commander Elect will check on contained food like Mcallisters, others. Food will be served after if approved by Executive committee.

Official American Legion caps take up to 10 weeks to be delivered. Commander elect Wright will check possible other sources.

American Legion Post 257

Planning Committee meeting second meeting 9-26-2022

Attendees: Commander elect Wright, 1st Vice Commander Trotter, Adjutant Sloan, Finance officer Lockhart.

The meeting started with a prayer led by Commander Wright. The pledge of allegiance led by Adjutant Sloan.

The committee went over notes from last meeting and there were no changes.


The committee is basing on attendance of about 20 people.

Food> Discussion went over three options 1) Mc Allister boxes $11 /lunch box, sandwich,chips ,cookie, individual boxes for safety,

2) Subway seven sandwiches cut up into three sections about $53 plus plates, chips, drinks, cookies and handling , Cater’s  wil be checked on by Commander Wright. Because possible for boxed food at 7-8 dollars each.

Decided plan A to go with McAllister’s with the  alternative of Commander Wright checking Cater’s to see if they can supply. as Plan B

Commander Wright will order, Adjutant Sloan will do the pick up

Vice commander trotter will supply water and ice.

Adjutant Sloan has arranged for a larger room at Velma Young Center for the October 13th installation meeting.

Area Commander Reeves has agreed to  perform the short installation form.

This plan will be submitted to the Executive committee for approval.

Vice Commander Trotter made the point if someone brings up a subject we should not assume that person will do the suggestion, this may stifle members making suggestions.

Motion to adjourn by Trotter seconded by Sloan. Meeting ended.

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