Notes from Post 257 2022 installation of new officers


ATTENDEES: David Sloan, Rayford Wright,Annie Lockhart, Tom Maddux, Robert trotter, Reuben Smith, Ray McNeal, Charlie brooks Jr, Kenneth Gressett,Oliver Peeblesiii,Robert Watson,guest Area Commander Johnny Reeves.

Commander Peebles led the Post in the Pledge of Allegiance; Adjutant Sloan led the Post in opening prayer

Area Commander Reeves then proceeded to the install ceremony of  Commander Wright, 1st Vice Commander Trotter, Adjutant Sloan and Treasurer Lockhart for the next wo yeas. 2nd Vice commander Gaddis, and Sgt at arms G. Peebles were absent.

It was a real short ceremony form.

Then the Post enjoyed a box sandwich meal of either ham or turkey, chips and cookie.

Afterwards Area Commander entertained questions, gave us updates and educated us on some V.A. items. He is a resource since he was a Veteran Service Officer for a number of years. He was truly a very good guest.

Adjutant Sloan made a motion to adjourn, it was properly seconded and the meeting ended.

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