Post 257 Legion November 2022 meeting notes


Attendees:Annie Lockhart-Finance officer, Charlie Brooks Jr, Calvin Jones,Rayford Wright-Commander, Ricky nelson, Kenneth Gressett, David Sloan-Adjutant, William Wright,

Robert Trotter-1st Vice Commander, Robert Watson, Merrill Jermerson, Cleo Gaddis-2nd Vice Commander, Reuben Smith, Kenny Emerson-guest, Oliver Peebles Past Commander

The new Sgt at Arms missed his 2nd consecutive meeting.

Commander opened the meeting at 6PM

Commander led the Post in prayer

Trotter led the Post in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Adjutant Sloan did roll call.

There were no sick calls


Adjutant Sloan read the minutes of the September meeting. Motion to approve and 2nd. Motion passed

Treasurer Lockhart report-$8215.28  Motion to approve, 2nd. Motion passed.

The Christmas dinner will be December 8,2022 at the Western Sizzler at 5:30 pm

Motion for the Post to pay for the dinner, motion second. Motion passed.


Vet Day Parade- David Sloan will provide the vehicle for the Post in the Parade.

There was no volunteer to be Post Chaplain

Motion to start Pot Luck meals January 2023.

Fund raiser recommendations; There were several, A committee was formed with Oliver Peebles- Lockhart. Trotter and Sloan

Guest Kenny Emerson introduced himself Army- 1972-76

Ricky nelson explained to the Post .we need to expose the post in more ways. Xmas parade, wear our hats, talk to other veterans.

1st Vice Trotter recommended  the Post get involved in community projects.

The Humana group made a good presentation and took questions and gave out turkeys and other goodies.

P.S. At the Veterans Day luncheon..Volunteers from the Navy base did not show. 4 members of our Post volunteered to help prepare and serve plates to the Veterans and families.

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