Post 257 January 2023 meeting notes

Attendees:David Sloan, Rayford Wright,Annie Lockhart,Reuben Smith, Merrill Jimerson,Charlei Brooks,George Brooks,Charlie Brooks Jr,Tom Maddux,Robert Trotter,George Peebles.

Commander Wright said grace and the body ate and fellowshipped.

After the meal Commander Wright said opening prayer,then the Post membership said the Pledge of allegiance.

Adjutant Sloan did roll call. Sick call> Legionaire Ricky Nelson is having surgery tomorrow.

Old Business: Dues: Danny Davis and Ed Reynolds paid 2023 dues. Adjutant Sloan read minutes from the November 2022 meeting. Motion to accept byMaddux and 2nd byPeebles. Motion passed.

Treasurer Lockhart reported $8116.62 in treasury. Motion to approve by Trotter and 2nd by G. Brooks. Motion passed.

There was no report from fund raiser idea committee-Oliver Peebles sent a text with a suggestion. 1st Vice Commander Trotter suggested that the matter be tabled until committee actually meets. The Post agreed.

New Business: 2023 Goals> Sloan after conferring with Treasurer suggested that finnacial goal is to get Treasury up to $10,000. This generated much discussion. but in the end The $10,000 goal was motioned by Reuben and 2nd by Maddux. the motion passed.

Goal to get at least 2 new members for the Post. This goal was agreed by the body.

1st vice Trotter suggested a Community Service Project of matching Armed service recruiters with housing authority young people and the Post would partnership in making this happen. Mr Trotter will pursue what steps can be taken to make this happen. Commander Wright said he would help by touching bases with Housing Authority officials.

Adjutant Sloan will make contact to see about entering a Post vehicle in the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade.

The meeting adjourned.

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