Post 257 March 9,2023 meeting notes

Attendees: D.Sloan, A.Lockhart,T.Maddux,R.Griggs,C. Brooks Jr,O.Peebles,N. Brown,J.W. Johnson,M.Jimerson,G.Brooks,R.Nelson,R.Watson.

Although the Commander, 1st Vice and 2nd Vice were absent,the Post had a fun,productive meeting.

Grace was said by the new Chaplain; Rufus Griggs. The members dined and felloowshiped.

Opening Prayer- Rufus Griggs. Pledge led by Adjutant Sloan.

Sick call- Legionaires Geoge Peebles and K.Gressett need our prayers.

50/ 50 raffle- $63 won by Annie Lockhart- she only took $20 and donated the rest to the Treasury.

Fun was had by celebrating surpassing our recruitment goal . Prizes were won by all. We had laughter and fun during this portion of the meeting.

Old Business: February 2023 meeting notes Read by Tom Maddux and Oliver Peebles.

Motion by R.Nelson to accept minutes and 2nd by G. Brooks. motion passed.

Treasurer Report by Annie Lockhart-$8,196.62. Motion to accept report by O.Peebles and properly 2nd. Motion passed.

Picnic report by Chair person Merrill Jimerson was Post supply the meat and members bring sides. This led to documentation of who would bring what. The picnic is May 13, at Coots Landing at Bonita lakes. 11 am to 3 pm.

Sloan chicken leg quarters Hot dogs and water -Peebles, Chips ,etc Brooks and Jimerson, Mustard ,Catsup -G.Brooks

Ribs Brown and Johnson Buns -Griggs Baked Beans-Lockhart Potato Salad and big cooler – Charlie Brooks Jr.

Hamburgers-Nelson Beverages-Watson, G.Brooks, Jimerson Plates, eating utensils- Maddux, cake-Lockhart

Bingo-Lockhart, badminton-Sloan,Prizes-Sloan. More to be worked out at next meeting. This is a good start.

Armed services project committee had no report but believed they needed a letter with Post letterhead on it. Oliver Peebles volunteered to make that happen.

The was no new business.

Motion to adjourn by T. Maddux and 2nd by Peebles.


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