American Legion Post 257 Meeting notes May 11, 2023

Attendees: D.Sloan-Adjutant, C.Brooks, A. Lockhart-Treasurer,T.Maddux,R.Nelson,R.Wright-Commander, C.
Brown, Gladys Davenport,J.Johnson,K.Gresset,N.Brown, Rufus Grigg-Chaplain, Oliver Peebles,G.Brooks

Opening Prayer by Chaplain Griggs,Pledge led by Commander Wright.

C.Msgt Knneth Grahm recounted his time in the Air Force and let us know he is running for Public Office. He filled out an application to join and promised he would deliver dues in a couple of days to the adjutant.

Nate Brown won the 50-50 and donated $15 of it to the treasury.

Old Business:

Commander Wright read the minutes of the March meeting( there was no April meeting due to a severe storm). T.Maddux made motion to approve and O. Peebles 2nd. Motion passed.

Treasurer Report- $7,895.62 sa of 5-11-2023. Motion to accept and properly seconded. Motion passed.

Fund raising committee: O. Peebles reported still working on ideas.

Picnic; the members went over what each member was going to bring to the picnic. The adjutant will send out an email with the list.: Charcoal and ice-Peebles, Buns -Griggs, Baked Beans and cake-Lockhart, beverages and water-G.Peebles, Condiments-G.Brooks,Water-Wright,Chips-Jemerson,Ribs-Brown and Johnson, Grilled Chicken-Sloan,Plates,etc-Maddux,Ice and charcoal-Gressett.

K. Gressett announced that he is now retired and can attend executive committee meetings.

No new business

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