American Legion Post 257 Meeting notes May 11, 2023

Attendees: D.Sloan-Adjutant, C.Brooks, A. Lockhart-Treasurer,T.Maddux,R.Nelson,R.Wright-Commander, C.
Brown, Gladys Davenport,J.Johnson,K.Gresset,N.Brown, Rufus Grigg-Chaplain, Oliver Peebles,G.Brooks

Opening Prayer by Chaplain Griggs,Pledge led by Commander Wright.

C.Msgt Knneth Grahm recounted his time in the Air Force and let us know he is running for Public Office. He filled out an application to join and promised he would deliver dues in a couple of days to the adjutant.

Nate Brown won the 50-50 and donated $15 of it to the treasury.

Old Business:

Commander Wright read the minutes of the March meeting( there was no April meeting due to a severe storm). T.Maddux made motion to approve and O. Peebles 2nd. Motion passed.

Treasurer Report- $7,895.62 sa of 5-11-2023. Motion to accept and properly seconded. Motion passed.

Fund raising committee: O. Peebles reported still working on ideas.

Picnic; the members went over what each member was going to bring to the picnic. The adjutant will send out an email with the list.: Charcoal and ice-Peebles, Buns -Griggs, Baked Beans and cake-Lockhart, beverages and water-G.Peebles, Condiments-G.Brooks,Water-Wright,Chips-Jemerson,Ribs-Brown and Johnson, Grilled Chicken-Sloan,Plates,etc-Maddux,Ice and charcoal-Gressett.

K. Gressett announced that he is now retired and can attend executive committee meetings.

No new business

American Legion James R. Blackwell Post 257

A group of Black Men filed for a post application for a permanent charter Jue2,1975 because the the other 2 local post would not admit Blacks. It was granted a permanent charter June10,1975. This was originally an all Black Post.

It was named after Master Sgt. James R.Blaclwell.

James Blackwell was born in Newton County, Mississippi. The family moved to Meridian when he was a young boy. He attended Meridian public schools(Weschlera0. Then later attended Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee. He enlisted in the Armey February 14, 1942. He was a veteran of World War II serving in Germany before returning to the United States in 1952.

He served 27 years before retiring. He died September 1972.

By 2006 there was only one member left in the post.

In July 2007 a group of members led by Robert Alexander were dissatisfied with Post 21 in Meridian. Another group of members from Post 125 had some disagreement and wanted to start their own post. These groups contacted the State Adjutant The State Adjutant( Mr. Bracy) told them about Post 257 and concentrate on rebuilding that Post.

These two groups visited the last remaining member of Post 257 who was a World War II veteran and was termanly ill. He still had the charter. Post 257 was reborn as an integrated American Legion Post.

Post 257 March 9,2023 meeting notes

Attendees: D.Sloan, A.Lockhart,T.Maddux,R.Griggs,C. Brooks Jr,O.Peebles,N. Brown,J.W. Johnson,M.Jimerson,G.Brooks,R.Nelson,R.Watson.

Although the Commander, 1st Vice and 2nd Vice were absent,the Post had a fun,productive meeting.

Grace was said by the new Chaplain; Rufus Griggs. The members dined and felloowshiped.

Opening Prayer- Rufus Griggs. Pledge led by Adjutant Sloan.

Sick call- Legionaires Geoge Peebles and K.Gressett need our prayers.

50/ 50 raffle- $63 won by Annie Lockhart- she only took $20 and donated the rest to the Treasury.

Fun was had by celebrating surpassing our recruitment goal . Prizes were won by all. We had laughter and fun during this portion of the meeting.

Old Business: February 2023 meeting notes Read by Tom Maddux and Oliver Peebles.

Motion by R.Nelson to accept minutes and 2nd by G. Brooks. motion passed.

Treasurer Report by Annie Lockhart-$8,196.62. Motion to accept report by O.Peebles and properly 2nd. Motion passed.

Picnic report by Chair person Merrill Jimerson was Post supply the meat and members bring sides. This led to documentation of who would bring what. The picnic is May 13, at Coots Landing at Bonita lakes. 11 am to 3 pm.

Sloan chicken leg quarters Hot dogs and water -Peebles, Chips ,etc Brooks and Jimerson, Mustard ,Catsup -G.Brooks

Ribs Brown and Johnson Buns -Griggs Baked Beans-Lockhart Potato Salad and big cooler – Charlie Brooks Jr.

Hamburgers-Nelson Beverages-Watson, G.Brooks, Jimerson Plates, eating utensils- Maddux, cake-Lockhart

Bingo-Lockhart, badminton-Sloan,Prizes-Sloan. More to be worked out at next meeting. This is a good start.

Armed services project committee had no report but believed they needed a letter with Post letterhead on it. Oliver Peebles volunteered to make that happen.

The was no new business.

Motion to adjourn by T. Maddux and 2nd by Peebles.


Post 257 2023 Picnic Committee Report March 9,2023

Picnic Committee Report Jimerson, Lockhart,Watson,Sloan

  1. We have secured the Coots Landing  at Bonita Lakes for the Spring Picnic, the date is Saturday May 13th from 11 am to 3 PM. Cost-$115.00  FYI it used to cost $65.00
  2.  We propose the Post supply the meat and members volunteer to bring sides and beverages and a change from last year.

2A We suggest chicken quarters they come in bags of about 8-10 for around $7.00. Mr. Sloan would grill on his Traeger grill, and maybe someone else can help .additionally Hot dogs and Hamburgers. Someone else can cook those at the picnic area.

  • Games- Bingo with prizes has always been enjoyed, if some one has a bad minton set.
  • So we would need bread, hot dog and hamburger rolls, mustard, catsup, cups, plates, ice, napkins, charcoal,those tin things to keep food warm with the little cans under them..
  • 5.We understand members donated to help pay last year, we would encourage that again since we are trying to build up the Treasury.

So we suggest sides and desserts we are open to suggestions.

Another suggestion was to make it a brunch -have pancakes and sausage too, one of our members has a griddle.

Baked beans

Potato salad




Beverages-water, iced tea, etc.

Checkers, volleyball, cards, etc.

Do we want any music?

We would like to names  and numbers of who will attend the picnic.and how many will accompany the member.

M. Jimerson -Chairperson.

Legion Post 257 February 9,2023 meeting notes.

Attendees: David Sloan, Merrill Jimerson, Annie Lockhart, Robert Watson,Charlie Brooks Jr, John Johnson,Nathaniel Brown, Kenny Emerson, Rufus Griggs, Ricky Nelson,Robert Trotter, Rayford Wright,George Brooks.

Grace was led by Rufus Griggs. The Post ate and fellowshipped.

Commander Wright opened the meeting at 6:30 pm and Rufus Griggs said the opening prayer.

Roll call by Adjutant

No sick call. Mr. Sloan will check on Kenneth Gressett.

Old Business:

Adjutant Sloan read the minutes from the January meeting. Nelson made a omtion to accept the minutes as read and 2nd by Jimerson. Motion passed.

Treasurer Report by Annie Lockhart $8166.62

R. Nelson made motion to accept the report, 2nd by Jimerson The motion passed.

Trotter mad a presentation for project to distribute Armed Services recruiting brochures in Housing projects as a community service project.

New Business:

3 New member joined Mr. Brown, Mr. Griggs and Mr. jonson all Army.

Dues paid by Mr. Griggs, Mr. Brown and Mr. Johnson

Spring picnic- Mr. Sloan will try to reserve Bonita area for our May picnic.

Valentines Day Dance- February 17, 2023 6:30pm-10 Pm at Velma Young Center Music and food.

It was moved na seconded for the Treasurer to issue fund to Mr. Sloan to buy more stamps.

Free phones;Annie lockhart passed out info to possibly get free cell phone if you are on medicare.

George Brooks brought up the white boxes we used to have in certain places- Sloan will check with former Vice Commander McNeal on where they might be.

Starting next meeting we will start doing the 50/50 split raffle.

Ricky Nelson talked about a fellow veteran who reached for help and it was not recognized and he committed suicide. The Post will agreed to get members a list of member names and telephone numbers. 22 Vets per day are committing suicide.

Adjutant Sloan vented his frustration with newly elected leadership which was elected in September of 2022 and has done NOTHING to move the Post forward.

Post 257 January 2023 meeting notes

Attendees:David Sloan, Rayford Wright,Annie Lockhart,Reuben Smith, Merrill Jimerson,Charlei Brooks,George Brooks,Charlie Brooks Jr,Tom Maddux,Robert Trotter,George Peebles.

Commander Wright said grace and the body ate and fellowshipped.

After the meal Commander Wright said opening prayer,then the Post membership said the Pledge of allegiance.

Adjutant Sloan did roll call. Sick call> Legionaire Ricky Nelson is having surgery tomorrow.

Old Business: Dues: Danny Davis and Ed Reynolds paid 2023 dues. Adjutant Sloan read minutes from the November 2022 meeting. Motion to accept byMaddux and 2nd byPeebles. Motion passed.

Treasurer Lockhart reported $8116.62 in treasury. Motion to approve by Trotter and 2nd by G. Brooks. Motion passed.

There was no report from fund raiser idea committee-Oliver Peebles sent a text with a suggestion. 1st Vice Commander Trotter suggested that the matter be tabled until committee actually meets. The Post agreed.

New Business: 2023 Goals> Sloan after conferring with Treasurer suggested that finnacial goal is to get Treasury up to $10,000. This generated much discussion. but in the end The $10,000 goal was motioned by Reuben and 2nd by Maddux. the motion passed.

Goal to get at least 2 new members for the Post. This goal was agreed by the body.

1st vice Trotter suggested a Community Service Project of matching Armed service recruiters with housing authority young people and the Post would partnership in making this happen. Mr Trotter will pursue what steps can be taken to make this happen. Commander Wright said he would help by touching bases with Housing Authority officials.

Adjutant Sloan will make contact to see about entering a Post vehicle in the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade.

The meeting adjourned.

Post 257 Legion November 2022 meeting notes


Attendees:Annie Lockhart-Finance officer, Charlie Brooks Jr, Calvin Jones,Rayford Wright-Commander, Ricky nelson, Kenneth Gressett, David Sloan-Adjutant, William Wright,

Robert Trotter-1st Vice Commander, Robert Watson, Merrill Jermerson, Cleo Gaddis-2nd Vice Commander, Reuben Smith, Kenny Emerson-guest, Oliver Peebles Past Commander

The new Sgt at Arms missed his 2nd consecutive meeting.

Commander opened the meeting at 6PM

Commander led the Post in prayer

Trotter led the Post in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Adjutant Sloan did roll call.

There were no sick calls


Adjutant Sloan read the minutes of the September meeting. Motion to approve and 2nd. Motion passed

Treasurer Lockhart report-$8215.28  Motion to approve, 2nd. Motion passed.

The Christmas dinner will be December 8,2022 at the Western Sizzler at 5:30 pm

Motion for the Post to pay for the dinner, motion second. Motion passed.


Vet Day Parade- David Sloan will provide the vehicle for the Post in the Parade.

There was no volunteer to be Post Chaplain

Motion to start Pot Luck meals January 2023.

Fund raiser recommendations; There were several, A committee was formed with Oliver Peebles- Lockhart. Trotter and Sloan

Guest Kenny Emerson introduced himself Army- 1972-76

Ricky nelson explained to the Post .we need to expose the post in more ways. Xmas parade, wear our hats, talk to other veterans.

1st Vice Trotter recommended  the Post get involved in community projects.

The Humana group made a good presentation and took questions and gave out turkeys and other goodies.

P.S. At the Veterans Day luncheon..Volunteers from the Navy base did not show. 4 members of our Post volunteered to help prepare and serve plates to the Veterans and families.

Notes from Post 257 2022 installation of new officers


ATTENDEES: David Sloan, Rayford Wright,Annie Lockhart, Tom Maddux, Robert trotter, Reuben Smith, Ray McNeal, Charlie brooks Jr, Kenneth Gressett,Oliver Peeblesiii,Robert Watson,guest Area Commander Johnny Reeves.

Commander Peebles led the Post in the Pledge of Allegiance; Adjutant Sloan led the Post in opening prayer

Area Commander Reeves then proceeded to the install ceremony of  Commander Wright, 1st Vice Commander Trotter, Adjutant Sloan and Treasurer Lockhart for the next wo yeas. 2nd Vice commander Gaddis, and Sgt at arms G. Peebles were absent.

It was a real short ceremony form.

Then the Post enjoyed a box sandwich meal of either ham or turkey, chips and cookie.

Afterwards Area Commander entertained questions, gave us updates and educated us on some V.A. items. He is a resource since he was a Veteran Service Officer for a number of years. He was truly a very good guest.

Adjutant Sloan made a motion to adjourn, it was properly seconded and the meeting ended.

2022 new officer installation committee meeting notes

David Sloan <>Mon, Sep 19, 7:40 PM (6 days ago)
to rwright, lockhartannie, Tom, TrotterT100, g_peebles, Oliver

Area Commander is one step below State Commander we want to be as professional as possible.

Lately meetings have not been American Legion style,probably due to Pandemic.

Ask Area Commander to to perform short form installation-D.Sloan

Reserve larger room- D.Sloan

Communications to get as many members to installation meeting as possible-R.Wright-Commander Elect

Type of food- Due to Pandemic still around-!st Vice Commander Elect will check on contained food like Mcallisters, others. Food will be served after if approved by Executive committee.

Official American Legion caps take up to 10 weeks to be delivered. Commander elect Wright will check possible other sources.

American Legion Post 257

Planning Committee meeting second meeting 9-26-2022

Attendees: Commander elect Wright, 1st Vice Commander Trotter, Adjutant Sloan, Finance officer Lockhart.

The meeting started with a prayer led by Commander Wright. The pledge of allegiance led by Adjutant Sloan.

The committee went over notes from last meeting and there were no changes.


The committee is basing on attendance of about 20 people.

Food> Discussion went over three options 1) Mc Allister boxes $11 /lunch box, sandwich,chips ,cookie, individual boxes for safety,

2) Subway seven sandwiches cut up into three sections about $53 plus plates, chips, drinks, cookies and handling , Cater’s  wil be checked on by Commander Wright. Because possible for boxed food at 7-8 dollars each.

Decided plan A to go with McAllister’s with the  alternative of Commander Wright checking Cater’s to see if they can supply. as Plan B

Commander Wright will order, Adjutant Sloan will do the pick up

Vice commander trotter will supply water and ice.

Adjutant Sloan has arranged for a larger room at Velma Young Center for the October 13th installation meeting.

Area Commander Reeves has agreed to  perform the short installation form.

This plan will be submitted to the Executive committee for approval.

Vice Commander Trotter made the point if someone brings up a subject we should not assume that person will do the suggestion, this may stifle members making suggestions.

Motion to adjourn by Trotter seconded by Sloan. Meeting ended.