Notes from August 4th, 2022 Post 257 meeting.

August 4, 2022 Post 257 meeting Notes

Meeting called to order by the Commander

The 1st Vice Commander led the opening prayer

The commander led the oldege of allegiance

Roll call- Annie lockhart, Ray McNeal, Oliver Peebles, Tom Maddux,Kenneth Gresset,,Robert Watson,Rayford Wright was late due to a flat tire.

Old Business- Minutes were given to 2nd vice commander but he arrived too late.

Treasurer report-$9089.09.

Legacy Run- Post will donate $300 to the event.

No new business.

Meeting adjourned.

Notes from July 14th meeting of Post 257

Attendees: G.Brooks, A.Lockhart, T.Maddux, R.Wright, D.Sloan,R,Smith, C.Brooks,O.Peebles,M.Jemmerson,

Vice Commander Wright led the meeting in prayer. Commander Peebles led the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Sick call: Euarl Moss, Gladys Davenport, Peebles said McNeal has contracted Covid. Moment of silence for Legionaire Nelson.

Roll cal

Dues- national HQ having problem with issuing cards wants us to collect dues, keep records and give receipts until cards arrive.

Old Business: Adjutant Sloan read minutes from June meeting. Wright motioned to approve 2nd by Jemmerson. Motion carried.

Treasurer report-$8952.92

Vice Commander Wright went over cost of cap and shirt-almost $100.00. Sloan made a motion that is too much and to not deal with them anymore Motion was 2nd and motion carried.Sloan will assist Wright in search for other vendors. Mr. Wright was told Not to make up another shirt.

PICNIC-set up at 10:30 Condiments Oliver Peebles,Tomatoes, onions, cheese-G.Brooks,

Motion to reimburse Charlie Brooks $227 for food last year and this year. Motion passed.

Sloan asked where is Our American flag? Peebles said he might have it.

Sloan said he iexperiencing health problems and needs a backup person.

Maddux made motion to adjourn, 2nd my G.Brooks.

Post 257 Agenda for 7-14-2022 meeting

Post 257 meeting agenda July 14,2022

Opening prayer

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll call

Sick call-Minute of silence for Legionaire Nelson-buried July 9,2022

Old Business:

Minutes of last meeting-Adjutant

Treasurer report-Treasurer

Update on Post participation in Legacy Run-Commander

Update on shirt and caps- Vice Commander Wright

Picnic finalization

New Business:

Where is our American Flag?


American Legion Post 257 June 2022 meeting notes

Attendees: Neither the Commander or the 1st Vice Commander were present. Rayford Wright-2nd Vice Commander, David Sloan-Adjutant, Annie Lockhart-Treasurer, George Peebles ,Merrel Jemerson, Reuben Smith,George Brooks,Charlie Brooks jr.

Guests:Jill James-Mprint-Shirts, caps presentation.. Deborah Fielder-State Adjutant.

Vice Commander Wright led us in prayer and the pledge of allegiance.The American Flag was missing.

Roll call. No sick call . Ms James presented several options and the group chose shirt and cap in Royal blue with gold lettering. Total cost about $40.00 + lettering with names on shirts. 50% to be paid for by the post.

State Adjutant Fielder informed us that Ms HQ is being renovated. Her contact info- office phone-601 352 4986 cell 601 497 5079 email> M-F-8a-4p She told us about the Legacy Motorcycle run which will stop here in Meridian August 21st at the Ag Center.Asking for help to pass out meals, or other stuff. Run for the wall raises money for scholarships of veterans.

There will be Commander and Adjutant training for central district on June 18th in Carthage 7a- But 1st take on line basic training ,get certificate.

Old Business:

Mr Sloan read minutes of May 2022 meeting. Motion to accept by Lockhart, 2nd by Peebles. Treasurer report by Lockhart-$9057.92

motion to accept by Sloan 2nd by G.Brooks motion passed.

The Picnic- Saturday July 16th estimate 20-25 people

Charlie Brooks will get meat and cook

Sloan will bring buns and bread Maddux with bring plates, eating utensils

Smith will bring dessert, Brooks bring paper towels and napkins

Jemerson-chips Wright will bring Drinks Lockhart- Cole slaw

next meeting July 14th here at 6pm. Vice Commander Wright led us in closing prayer.

May 2022 American Legion Post 257 meeting

May 14, 2022 Minutes Post 257


Oliver Peebles5:24 PM (1 hour ago)
to me, Oliver

Commander Oliver Peebles III called the meeting to order at 6 pm on May 14, 2022 at the Velma Young Community 

Center.  Since the Chaplin wasn’t present the Commander lead the member in an opening prayer.

All members stood and were lead in the pledge of allegiance.  The Commander then acknowledged and explained the POV and MIA flag and the seat of honor in which it was draped.  

Roll call was made and present were, Charlie Brooks, George Brooks, ML Jemerson, Annie Lockhart, Thomas Maddaux, George Peebles, Oliver Peebles III, Robert Watson, Rayford Wright and Wiliam Wright. 

The Adjutant David Sloan was not able to make the meeting but emailed the minutes from the previous meeting, and the Commander read the minutes that were sent it, and afterward George Peebles made the motion that the minutes be accepted as read, and Robert Watson second the motion, and the motion was carried by the members.

Annie Lockhart read the treasure report, including the balance of $9,305.92 in the account, and that in this meeting George Peebles and Robert Waston each paid their dues of $40 each. Rayford Wright made the motion that the report to approved as presented, George Brooks seconded it, and the members approved the motion.

Old Business

In the previous meeting the members agreed that we should start planning our annual picnic.   The floor was open for discussion on this subject.  Thomas Maddaux made the motion that we plan on having the event on Saturday July 16, 2022 at Bonita Lakes, William Wright seconded the motion and the members approved it.  The members discussed Highland Park as being a backup location, but Robert Watson recommended that we try to secure Bonita Lakes even if we have the change the date, and the all members agreed.  The Commander agreed to make the reservation for July 16, 2022 and if that date is not available be given the authority to select another Saturday if necessary, which was approved by the members.

The floor was opened for Brain storming ideas for menu items and cooks:  Charlie Brooks agreed to be the cook for all meats that were not catered, and Thomas Maddaux to supply utensils and paper items.  Menu items that were recommended and approved, ribs, chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers, chips, water, soft drinks, salad, cakes and cookies, with bread and buns.  

New Business

Rayford Wright made the motion that we order uniformed shirts and caps for members and that the Post provide 50% of the cost and members pay 50%.  ML Jemerson second the motion and the motion carried.  Rayford agreed to bring the sales rep to our next meeting the made a presentation of the company wares and price listing for members consideration.

The commander thanked all the members for braving the stormy weather to attend the meeting, and emphasized the fact that the Post has started back week regularly as before the pandemic, which is the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6PM and this new location, Velma Young Community Center,2400 16th Ave, Meridian, MS, which is a new facilities with good parking and security lighting and plenty of space, and encourage all present to invite other members and potential members.

George Peebles made the motion to adjourn, and it was seconded by Annie Lockhart, motion carried. 

pOST 257 April 2022 meeting notes

Attendees: Rayford Wright, Euarl, Charlie Brooks,Leatrice Moss , Oliver Peeples, David Sloan

Opening prayer by Rayford Wright.\

Pledge of Allegiance led by Oliver Peebles

Roll cal

Sick call-no one identified. Recognized Daryl Jones passed last month.

Old business

Dues: Oliver PeeblesIII, Oliver PeeblesIV,Billy Thomas, Rayford Wright,Euarl Moss, Charlie Brooks

Minutes read by David Sloan- moved by Wright and 2nd by Brooks motion passed.

Treasurer report-$9055.92 read by Sloan report accepted.

The Post had a Habitat for Humanity Yard Sale

New Business

Spring Picnic put on hold until next meeting.

Memorial Day is May 231 Tuesday at the courthouse

Booster shots available at Winn Dixie-need medicre and shot cards

Ms Power is giving insulation for free call 606 606 6001 ask for Mr Ishee- need name, your account #, must live in Meridian, must be residence. No cost

Veteran Assistance Committee- 601 9387523 helping vets with up to $500 assistance Patrick Kirby

Rayford Wright will retrieve our American Flag.Need to check with Treasurer to see if we donated to Boy State.

Discussion on getting members to come to meetings. , no plan.

Brainstorming fund raser ideas agai:Hamburgers and hot dog sales, BBQ, Fish sandwiches,,power tools. raffle.

Peebles and Charlie Books say they will prepare the meeting room for future meetings.