Post 257 Meeting notes March 10,2022

March 10,2022 David Sloan had put the wrong address on the meeting notification.

The correct address is:1530  24th street.

Attendees:David Sloan, Annie Lockhart,Cleo Gaddis,Charlie Brooks,George Brooks,Rayford Wright,Euarl Moss,Merrill Jimmerson

Meeting started with grace by 2nd Vice Coimmander, the a small meal was enjoyed by the group.

Old Business: No minutes from last meting. Treasurer report>$9,103.58

Motion by Brooks to accept report and 2nd by Jimmerson. Motion carried.

Treasurer wrote checks for $30 to reimburse Sloan for Scarborugh dues, and $30 to HQ for Legionaire Cook.

She also wrote a check to reimburse Mr. Wright for purchases of food and drink.

New Business:

Legioanaire Daryl Jones passed today.Mr. Sloan will send sympathy card.

Volunteers for April 16th Habitat race at Bonita : David Sloan, Rayford Wright, Olver Peebles.

>Access to habitat storage will be arranged by David Sloan- Lockhart, Gaddis, Moss,Jimmerson,and Wright interested.

Mr Wright will check on power tool combination for a fund raiser.

Mr. Brooks suggested a new rummage sale with a 50/50 split.

Our next meeting will be April 14th.

The meeting adjourned.

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