Post 257 Meeting Notes July 8,2021


JULY 8,2021

Attendees: Ray McNeal-Vice Commander, Tom Maddux, George Brooks ,Robert Trotter, Merrill Jimmerson, Annie Lockhart-Treasurer, Oliver Peebles-Commander, David Sloan ,Cleo Gaddis.

Meeting was opened with prayer  by Ray McNeal.

Old Business

Minutes ere read by Annie Lockhart. Motion minutes be approved by Ray McNeal and properly seconded. No discussion. Motion passed.

Treasurer Report Read by Annie Lockhart-$9,491.22 in the treasury. Motion to approve the minutes by Mr. Maddux, seconded by Ray McNeal. Motion passed.

Pledge of Allegiance led by Commander Peebles.

Motion to elect David
Sloan as Adjutant by Mr.  Maddux and seconded by Mr. McNeal. No discussion. Vote was unanimous.

New business:

Community service

Mr. Sloan requested the Post donate $100 to the Lauderdale County PPI program. Ray McNeal made a motion to do this and was seconded by Mr. Maddux. The motion passed.

Ray McNeal made a motion to donate $ 100 to the stuff the bus campaign to aid supplies for Meridian schools. Motion was properly seconded. Motion passed.

Mr Peebles asked for information about Base housing at Keesler AFB. ,which generated some suggestions for contacts.

Discussion was held on meeting places.

Discussion was held on ideas for fund raising.

Mr. Peebles shared information on Blue water eligibility for Navy and Marine veterans.

Mr. Sloan will check on when dues are due.

David Sloan Adjutant AL Post 257.

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