American Legion Post 257 Executive meeting notes June 24,2021

During the executive meeting held on June 24th, 2021, Susan Sylvester stated that she did not agree with the motion that was pasted in our last regular scheduled meeting on June 10, 2021, in which members voted to keep all officers in their present position for another term.  She stated that it was unfair and illegal.  The Commander stated that the motion followed parliamentary procedures and passed 6 to 2.  He further explained that he was not in favor of having the vote with so few members, but she insisted that according to our constitution we had 8 members present, which was sufficient for a quorum and that the vote needed to be held at that time in order to comply with the State or National election procedures.  She further stated that she had been in her present position for longer than she wanted and wanted to move up, and by approving the motion I was requiring her to stay in her current position, which was unfair.  I explained that I was not requiring her to stay in the position, and that she was fairly voted in that position, and that she was free to resign from the position.  I further explained that other officers have been elected to their positions.  Ray McNeil explained that if she felt that way, she should have mentioned this fact during the discussion period of the motion, and other officers or members may have agreed and voted the motion down, but she didn’t.  She stated she didn’t want the Adjutant position any further.  I explained that she had done a good, but none of us are indispensable, and I hope she would keep the position and stay in the Post.  She stated she did not want the position but was staying in the Post until her membership expires.  I explained that I was accepting her resignation from the position, and she walked out.  Afterwards I explained that in our next meeting we need to hold an election to fill that position, to which everyone agreed. 

The Commander also presented a copy of the Budgetary format that he and the Treasurer, Annie Lockhart, stated in 2019, which reflects the information that was presented in each of our regular meetings, which included the amounts in the checking account at the beginning and ending of each month; along with the check numbers and amounts of all checks written for the month and the purpose for which they were written, for which these reports were present and accepted by all members in these meetings.

Present were Thomas Maddux, Annie Lockhart, Cleo Gaddis, Rayford Wright, Ray McNeil, Oliver Peebles III, and Susan Sylvester, until the time she left the meeting.

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